An avowed beauty junkie and polyglot, Anna Moine has worked in all facets of cosmetics marketing. She decided to focus on the world of spas a decade ago so that she could combine her love of beauty products with her affinity for relaxation and indulgence.

She entered the cosmetics sector after answering a New York Times classified ad (before digital existed!) and launched the first natural French haircare line at retail. As the 2nd employee hired, she learned to multi-task from packing boxes to negotiating complex deals with major specialty stores (Neiman Marcus, Sephora). Sales grew from $100,000 to more than $10 million in a decade.

She developed a reputation as a strategist for niche brands seeking to enter the US market and created her own marketing/branding agency at 25. She facilitated the process of launching campaigns in multiple channels of high-end and mass distribution. She was then recruited to revamp and reposition an iconic fragrance brand and proceeded to upend the staid olfactive “ladies” market. This attracted the attention of a major fragrance house and she led a team of perfumers to create a revolutionary scent based on white flowers that forever altered the fragrance market.

She subsequently opened and established the US subsidiary of a major French cosmetic/pharmaceutical company before finally hanging her shingle in 2005 as a consultant.

Today, she is well known for her business acumen and her passion for the spa industry because of her unique approach to the creation of spa strategy. Her past experience has greatly influenced her non-traditional style to new development projects or those looking to reach the next level of growth. Highly analytical and yet also creative, she offers an intuitive understanding of the market and its targeted customers.



Retail Integration

Retailing is an opportunity to generate high margin revenue and establish a retail culture that reinforces brand identity and sell through while offering a compelling retail experience to guests.


Spa Development

Specializing in turn-key spa development that is innovative, inimitable and profitable, our approach integrates all aspects of project management, facility design, treatment programming, guest expectations and seamless operational process.


Industry Resources

Aligning with the best professionals in varying fields, Anna has developed strong relationships with numerous companies and individuals and often collaborates with them on projects when the need arises.


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